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Rob Coberly

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"Aging in organisms undergoing caloric restriction (CR) is widely considered as a slowed version of aging under ad libitum (AL) conditions. However, here we argue that aging under optimized CR is fundamentally different from aging under AL..."




2012 paper in Biogerontology, most of the authors from Japanese institutions. Among other things, argues that comparisons between CR and AL subjects are not as direct as might be assumed - what if these subjects develop as different phenotypes, not just along a delayed developmental and senescence timeline?


Ran across this doing my maintenance reading that is part of my own chronic ketogenic personal program; I include review of papers on CR and IF (intermittent fasting) as these effects overlap. After reading this, I decided that signing up here and tossing this out for comment might be a good way to further evaluate the idea. Anyone want to share some thoughts with me?

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