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Drinking alcohol or not?

Guest BrendanC

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Guest BrendanC

Has anyone heard about the studies that have shown a higher rate of mortality among non-drinkers, particularly those who once drank heavily but eventually stopped altogether? Are these studies legitimate and peer-reviewed? Is something with alcohol really a necessary addition to a CR'd person's diet? I've been doing a Paleo/Primal type diet (sometimes as few as 1,500 calories a day), but I get adverse effects from drinking alcohol. Such as: depression, mood swings, personality changes, rudeness to people at work (could probably control this better, since it doesn't happen with customers but rather employees/managers). In general, drinking is very bad for me on a mental level, and I get really nasty side effects, and they seem to be getting worse the more I drink. I'm also incapable of moderating intake, and I've tried. Once I've had one drink, I can't stop. I need to continue, which must have to do with futher dulling the emotional pain I experience in my life...I think I'm merely a problem drinker, not an alcoholic. But I still want to give it up because of the negative aspects.


So, would it be safe to eliminate alcohol immediately and never consume it again, due to these adverse effects? These studies that show it helps with heart health and lifespan...are they a reason to drink, and if so what is the ideal amount?

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