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Newcomer, looking to reduce sex drive

Guest ActuallyHuman

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Guest ActuallyHuman

Hi everyone,


Normally I eat twice a day, i.e., I don't each as much as most people. However for about a week I began eating just once a day (no particular reason), and noticed a substantial reduction in my sex drive. I actually loved it, because I could concentrate on other things without getting distracted by this sexualized world. I was wondering what the reason was. Then yesterday I ordered a pizza for dinner, thus putting an end to the unintended CR I had been doing for a week. The next day (today) the sex drive came to full force. Got horny so easily looking at women on the streets and already masturbated twice in the same day LOL.


Then it occurred to me that this could all be due to eating less. Started doing some internet research, and eventually came across the link between CR and testosterone and sex drive effects. 


I'm quite impressed, and will be resuming CR from tomorrow. 


I don't care about prolonging my life, but I really want to eliminate my sex drive. Totally. I am not going to have children, and I don't particular do well with the ladies. I do have lots of hobbies, and I want to enjoy life. 



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Lowered testosterone is a well-known effect of CR, and may even be connected to some of the longevity benefits.


I've encountered several people -- all men -- who practice CR and find the reduced sex drive to be a benefit. Our younger members are more likely to view it that way....


Note: try to gather as much biomarker data as you can right now, esp. testosterone levels, before embarking on serious CR. (You may already have that data.) You might even want to go off CR for a couple weeks and get some tests done (cheap stuff will do: cholesterol, fasting glucose, and, less cheap, testosterone, insulin. Do-it-yourself stuff: resting pulse, body temp.). So many of our members regret not having good pre-CR data!


(Michael, or Dean, where's our ~"Tests to get done before starting CR page?" Just did a search and can't find it.)


- Brian 

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Hi ActuallyHuman and welcome to the CR Society forums.


I'm one of those men Brian referred to who have experienced substantially reduced testosterone and libido as a result of CR. Like you, I find it quite a pleasant and productive way to live, and fortunately it doesn't (substantially) interfere with my family life.


I second Brian's suggestion of carefully documenting your state of health before embarking on serious CR. you'll regret it later if you don't. Here is the CR Society's information page on biomarkers to measure as a baseline:




In fact, I suggest you read carefully all the introductory information the CR Society has to offer, available here:




Taking it slow and getting proper nutrition are critical to successful CR, so keep those ideas in mind.


After reading that stuff over, if you still have questions don't hesitate to ask.



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