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Introducing myself

Guest Sebastian

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Guest Sebastian

Hi there,


just quickly wanted to say hello to you guys.

I've been recently made aware of your group by a TV show in Germany..


Since a couple of years I am following a basic low cap diet inspired by Timmy Ferris

by his book "The Four Hour Body"... I think with the methods discussed here it would 

add up to a new level...


My main motivation was to lose some weight, but becoming very old and staying healthy

seems to me even more motivational :)


Looking forward for some good discussions with you (sorry for my bad english)



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I am new to the CR Society as of today.  I am 5"4 and feel best at 114, BMI of 19. I can consume 1000 calories a day and lose but only 1200 to maintain. Period. I exercise every day and I never adjust calorie intake based on exercise. It is already factored in for me. I  joined the CR Society today because I want to have the support of other individuals with the same health focused goal where food consumption is concerned. My Dad died of Cancer and my Mother's side from Heart disease. I am wellness focused. I want to proactively decrease my risk factors by eating a nutritionally sound diet, 360 days of the year. (yes, 5 days of holiday or birthday cheating) I am a Whole Foods and Farmer's Market buyer to ensure organically fresh food products. 


I invite any member of this CR Society who wants to support and be supported with this personal healthy eating goal to reach out so we can do this together. It is NOT easy to make good food choices every meal of every day. We need to stick together. I am glad I found this organization. 

We can do this!



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