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Calorie restricted diet and a baseline gut microbiome?

Guest Henry Brown

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Guest Henry Brown
Do CRS members have different colon microbiomes?  Could Ubiome or American Gut model the CRS gut?  
A recent article on changes to the gut microbiome of diabetic children.
Could a hydrogen gas test be developed to detect diabetic guts vs CRS guts?
Could hydrogen be traced to bacteria in the diabetic gut?
Comparing diabetic vs non-diabetic patients could lead to reducing Medicaid and US medical costs.
Could open data model diabetics vs non diabetics? 
Deep Dive is a free Watson like AI from Stanford. 
Could Deep Dive be used to build a NM diabetes comorbidity model?
Could we use Deep Dive with Ubiome data to connect diseases? Could CRS members represent a baseline?
I created an expert system that led to shotgun sequencing at the Human Genome Project at Los Alamos.
Mycin was developed for bacterial identification.
Ubiome may be able to create a Mycin/Watson like expert system based on microbiomes and open data?
Antibiotics may reduce human colon bacteria? Humans may never recover colon bacteria after antibiotic use?
Missing Microbe Book - Antibiotics disrupt gut microbes and may cause chronic diseases/diabetes.
Do CRS members represent an Ancestral Microbiome? Can we compare the CRS gut to diabetic guts?
US chronic disease, 50% of Medicaid funding, is consuming state and federal budgets. Especially in southern states.
Austria recently leveraged open data to develop a model of diabetes comorbidity = chronic disease.
Quantifying age- and gender-related diabetes comorbidity risks using nation-wide big claims data 
Can US state Medicaid databases be used to quantify the diabetes vs education problems in the US?
Who can partner with State of NM in developing a model of the state budget related to diabetes?
Who will build a diabetes comorbidity model for NM? The US?
NM DOIT presently manages NM ASPEN project for Medicaid data capture.
DOIT Aspen project for HSD/Medicaid ($120 million) -  Aspen creates approx 1 Terabyte a month?




NM has many chronic disease cost issues. The NM Budget in 2013 spent 39% on health care. 
NM health care costs grow annually. Is this due to diabetes comorbidity?
One third of the US will be diabetic in 2050. Mexico may be worse.




US Medicaid Surpasses K-12 Spending in US State Budgets and Federal Budgets. Medicaid = diabetes?





A US Budget graphic shows Health replacing Defense spending in 1990's - 2013. Is this caused by diabetes?




Numbers graphs show US Health Care costs skyrocketing due to obesity. Mexico will be worse.






40% of US hospital budgets now pay ICU/chronic disease costs.



NM ICUs are dominated by diabetes. 




NM Budget in 2013 spent 39% on health care. Health care is growing annually. 


Change the year at this site and watch health care grow over time. Compare FL at 41%, TX 36%, etc.





CO Budget in 2013 spent 27% on health care. Obesity is a function of education? CO 3rd most educated state.


How can state budgets be connected to diabetes? Can education budgets continue to shrink because of diabetes?
NM state Medicaid databases may be used to quantify the diabetes costs for NM state legislature?
But can Federal databases also be used?
HIPAA de-identification in the US may complicate studies of Diabetes Comorbidity?
Henry Brown
505 795-3680


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Hi Henry,


First, please do me and you and everyone on the Forum a favor: register on the Forums and log in each time before you post! It's fine if you want to use a pseudonym, but registering and logging in will ensure that you can't be impersonated and will make it easier to keep track of your questions, input, and progress.


You've included an awful lot of information here, about the gut microbiome in general, cardiometabolic disease, and the impact of the latter on your home state of NM; I'm not quite clear what you're asking here: are you just suggesting that we should collect data on "Calorie restricted diet and a baseline gut microbiome," or are you offering based on your role in the state government (perhaps teh NM state Medicaid system?) to involve the Society in such a study? I am the VP for Research for the CR Society, and would be happy to work with you on the latter — although, of course, I would also want to bring volunteers into any such Study who have already been on CR for some time and therefore would not have baseline data to collect.


If you register for the Forum, you can reach me privately via Personal Message; if you would prefer to contact me by some other means, please post here and we can make arrangements.





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