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The Scientist article on CR and neurodegeneration

James Cain

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The Scientist published an article on calorie restriction and neurodegeneration (along with some stuff on ketosis). It's nice to have a recent and unbiased (just limited scope) article on CR in a major publication!

This was posted on the CRS Facebook page here. I'm reposting it here for users that don't read Facebook (and so its indexed by Google).



The Scientist published an article this week, "Nourishing the Aging Brain," that discussed the role diet may play in neurodegeneration and aging. It is a great article, but unfortunately the author puts most of the emphasis on only two neurodegenerative diseases, giving far less attention to the known benefits of CR for most other neurodegenerative diseases, primary brian aging, and general neurological and cognitive benefits.


The author only discusses CR in the context of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Cockayne syndrome, which are both quite rare and are thought to develop from specific genetic mutations unrelated to lifestyle. Both are also in the minority of diseases that benefit from a caloric surplus, and appear to progress more rapidly with CR.


The article gives almost no mention to the massively documented neuroprotective effects of CR, showing benefits for attenuating primary brain aging as well as most neurodegenerative diseases! A quick search brings up over 100 such journal articles:


The author focused on his specific area of research, but it would have been nice to see more information on the wide-ranging brain-related benefits of CR in such a popular publication!

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