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So, how do I start?

Guest Madison

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Guest Madison

I'm looking into possibly starting CRON as my eating plan, but I don't even know where to begin. Just some basic info below about me, then any advice warmly welcomed. 


15 years old

5 ft 7 in

112.6 lbs

In recovery from an eating disorder

P.O.T.S. and hypotension

Also struggle with multiple mental issues

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Guest Rodney

It is great to see you make the decision to take active control of your health.  And consuming the right quantity of excellent quality food is a very major component of any such plan.  Everyone at all ages needs to be sure to be eating not too many and not too few calories.  And the foods consumed should be those providing all the essential nutrients.


However, no one I know recommends starting a diet entailing a substantial restriction of calories until they have achieved their full height.  For almost everyone this will mean, at a minimum, after the age of 18, and perhaps later.  Second, 'caloric restriction' suggests, for almost everyone, RESTRICTING caloric intake from an appreciably higher level.   But, if my calculation is correct, your body weight may already be lower than most people on CR would consider desirable.  Your body mass index (BMI) appears to be 17.6.  Most people on full CR would be expected to have a BMI of at least 19.  So for you it would seem that to be on a thoroughly healthy 'CR' diet you would need to gain weight, which would mean eating more calories than you currently do.


Given your current height, a BMI of 20 - which might be a good target for you - would mean raising your weight to 127.7 pounds.  And as you get taller that number would continue to rise in line with height.  This should be achieved gradually - over a couple of years, perhaps - and, once achieved, maintained.


And those calories will need to be in the kinds of foods that have the highest ratio of micronutrients (vitamins and 'minerals') to calories.  These would include vegetables - especially leafy vegetables - fruits and whole grains, nuts, legumes and small quantities of meats, and especially some fish.


It is often also recommended that people starting out on a CR diet should do so under the guidance of sympathetic health professional.  Given the other issues you mention this would be especially important in your case.


Good luck and congratulations on your efforts to achieve excellent health.


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