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Is Aging and Death Programmed in our Genes?

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Here is a very interesting article on a new paper describing a mathematical model which suggests that aging and death may be programmed into our genes.


Based on computer simulation, it suggests that in a spatially-constrained, resource-limited environment (perhaps like our ancestors evolved in), its better from the perspective of our 'selfish genes' if we kick off when we get old in order to leave enough resources for our offspring to survive/thrive.


If true, combating aging might not be as difficult as some gerontologists believe, and might be achieved through genetic engineering.


But the theory has several critics quoted in the article, including Aubrey de Gray and S. Jay Olshansky, (former?) CR Society member Josh Mitteldorf.


Interesting read.



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Hi Dean et al!

I watched AL Jazeera America TV today -- and saw.a very interesting report, on research done in Russia on the survivors of the Leningrad seige by Nazi forces (for over 900 days) during WW2.

The citizens of Leningrad rationed food -- about 200 calories per citizen per day.


The researchers are drawing blood from survivors, trying.to determine if their genetic makeup helped them to survive the ordeal. The TV announcer discussed the quandary, whether or not CR should increase maximal lifespan in hunans, as it does in rodents.


The interesting result of the new Russian experiments: They claim to have found a difference in one gene, that distinguished the survivors.


Unfortunately,.the TV.announcer did not note which gene -- or how to reach the Russian resesrchers.


But AL Jazeera America may have a website with additional information.


Interesting stuff.

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