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Zucchini and Summer Squash suggestions...


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I've found two vegetables I really like eating raw which are Zucchini and Summer Squash... There are 20 calories in one cup, and right now all I add is the juice from 1/2 lemon or 1/2 lime... It's kinda blah tasting... Does any one have any low calorie suggestions to add more flavor to my squash and zucchini... I was thinking about buying some of the calorie free salad dressing, but don't know if it's good for you... Also, does boiling the squash or zucchini remove any of the nutrients? Is it really better to eat it raw?


Any help would be appreciated...  B) 

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Cooking affects nutrient availability in complicated ways. It often improves nutrient availability, often simply because plant cell walls are broken down. But some nutrients are rapidly destroyed by heat, and in some cases that latter effect overwhelms the former effect (as with bell peppers, for ex.). I haven't looked into squashes but I'd guess that boiling briefly would have a minor effect (consume the water you boil them in, though!). I boil 2/3 of my squash, and eat the rest raw, as a "cover-my-bases" strategy. I do that with a lot of veggies, actually, aside from tomatoes, where it's clear cooking is better, and bell peppers, where it's pretty clear cooking is worse.


About adding more flavor: spices!! I buy pound bags of organic turmeric, ginger, curry, and other spices from iHerb and end up going through them amazingly quickly.



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wow, what a good idea -- spices... I personally like pepricka and turmeric the most for adding to my foods. To my tea (which is matcha green tea) I often add a teaspoon to a tablesoon of green jello and either cloves, ginger or both... I'm also a big fan of oriental five spice... I also used to consume four nutmeg "nuts" per day back in my college days, but overdosed on them in 2007... They make you high that's very similar to marijuana... I'll never do them again!!! lol...

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Well, Frederick.....which spices did you find best to go along with squash and zucchuni?  I find both very lacking in flavor if eaten alone and have to combine them with other items to create some flavor.  Try this recipe I made up many years ago.



Sliced zucchini

Sliced summer squash

Sliced cucumber

Sliced onion



Mix together apple cider vinegar and mayonaise to the consistency of paint...usually about a 50/50 mix


Combine sauce and vegetables and mix thoroughly. Add black or red pepper to suit your level of spicey and SERVE


Once the vegetables and sauce are combined, the sauce becomes more fluid and most of it remains in the salad bowl so you really aren't comsuming much mayonaise.  I can't stand low calorie or artificial mayo, though your tastes may vary.

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