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Do "Naturally Thin" People Benefit Less from CR? Good Non-technical CR Science Overview


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I think we should do studies to get result from extreme survival mode
One group of men keeps their fat percentage 0-3%, another keeps 3-6% another 6-10% another 10-15% another 15-20% another 20-30% another 30-40% and the last more than 40% and women 0-5% 5-10%, 10-20%, 20-30% 30-40%, 40-50% and 50% or more.

People in the 0-3% 0-5% group are expected to increase the fat percentage when they are close to zero and people in all groups will measure their fat percentage on the bioimpedance scale every day and do not let the percentage pass the limit of the limit of group if they will not be disqualified.None of these groups should do physical activities that increase muscle as this can alter the results and should be sedentary to avoid gaining lean mass.

If the group of 0 to 3% of men and 0 to 5% of women with more longevity and more longevity means that Zeta is true, until the result is released, I will keep my percentage at the healthier level 10-12%.

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