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REALLY low-fat good after all?


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Which brings me to buying locally from a grower/producer. Assuming the grower/producer is top notch, yes, you will at least get fresh oil and the real thing. But the rest is a complete crap shoot. You have no idea about the chemistry (unless you test). Bottom line: when it comes to EVOO, buying locally from a trusted grower/producer is not a guarantee that you are in fact getting a good chemistry EVOO.


Tombavoider, good point, in fact I'm thinking about having the oil analysed, just out of curiosity. Also, the service offered by Anphoranueva which gives a guarantee of 6-months freshly squeezed and polyphenol rich producst is sure worth the money. Here people are selling oil from last year (because of the current year disastrous yield) and this as I read in this forum implies a significant degradation of the healthy compounds. Such an aspect is not given the proper importance here, whereas taste governs.


EVOO is often a staple in Italy, used cooked and raw on just about everything, so I believe that by sheer quantity we get a good amount of polyphenols, no matter the olive variety, which I know nothing about but am going to enquire.

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