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Best source for nuts


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By the way, this transparency criterion Michael has mentioned is starting to seem odd to me. What does it mean? Harvest dates aren't on the websites of any of these companies, aside from Haag Farm. So it means you call and ask questions about harvest dates, transport, and storage, and they answer? So? Would there be a company that would not answer? Do we have independent criteria the answer is honest and complete?

It's odd, only in the sense that it's an "odd" world we live in, with information asymmetry a pervasive feature of markets, and the very food we eat being one of the most opaque.



Indeed. But just because the world is Orwelian doesn't mean we have to use Orwellian language.


I'd like to reserve the word "transparent" for the practices of a company like Amphora Nueva. They're a (more or less) open book.


But, either way, I want to encourage everyone reading this to insist on getting accurate information about the food they're purchasing.


I would love to start a movement to make this happen, but I'm not sure where to begin. Maybe a website could be created, for various types of foods, that sets out a standard (for quality and transparency both) (1), and then, as consumers, we can point food companies/sellers to that site, and simply say: are you willing to adhere to those guidelines, or some of them?


Just thinking out loud.




(1) This this for olive oil, though that's more about quality than transparency.

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I've long been a satisfied customer of Nuts.com, despite Zeta's bad experience mentioned in his post immediately prior to this one, but which was chronologically from last November. I miss Zeta...


But one complaint I've always had with Nuts.com and all the other specialty food product vendors out there (including Living Nutz, who I actually have never ended up trying) is shipping costs. I've long been spoiled by free shipping for almost everything else I buy on-line, which comes from Amazon via Amazon Prime. Heck, I even get 5% back on every Amazon purchase with my Amazon Prime Store Card, which really adds up when you buy as much from Amazon as I do - but that's another story.


But the shipping cost disadvantage of Nuts.com changed dramatically today. They just announced flat-rate $5 shipping on all purchases, and free shipping on all purchases over $59. They recently polled their customers and asked what the one thing was that could improve their service. For me, #1 was free shipping (right ahead of "sell fresh durian" - which they don't seem to have picked up on ☺). I suspect free shipping was the #1 request for most of their customers, and now they've responded. 


One other cool think about Nuts.com is the "Quick Order" feature for returning customers. Basically they keep track of all the products you've ordered previously, sorted by frequency, which you can add to your cart with a single click. Even Amazon doesn't make it this easy for repeat orders. Below is the list of all the items I've ordered at Nuts.com over the many years I've been a customer. It's 33 items long, with many items that are neither nuts nor seeds. Nuts.com carries a really wide variety of specialty foods of highest quality (at least in my experience - Zeta begs to differ). Hazelnuts are my #1 most frequently ordered item, having purchased 45 lbs of hazelnuts from them over the years - with nary a rotten one in bunch, as far as I could tell. 


This gives you plenty of reasons to give Nuts.com a try for all your nutty, seedy, grainy (and a whole lot more) needs.


P.S. Feel free to ask me about any of the items on the list below, although I've discontinued use of many of them, including mulberries, figs, dates and coconut water powder, all four of which I find too delicious and tempting to keep on hand, although with my pre-commitment self-discipline trick, I could make them work if I really wanted to.





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P.S. Feel free to ask me about any of the items on the list below...

Why do you prefer hazelnuts to all others? Lower omega six? I've been following your lead (blindly) and have started eating more hazelnuts. But I also eat tons (well, like 15g/day) of almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, chia... I've never ordered from nuts.com, and maybe I will.

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Sthira (and All),


Don't interpret my list of items ordered from Nuts.com to accurately reflect my dietary intake of nuts & seeds. I order / purchase other nuts and seeds from other sources. I get my walnuts from Hagg Farms, CostCo and Aldi's, my almonds from CostCo and Aldi's, and I've recently added pecans which I've purchased at Aldi's but will probably get at Nuts.com when I next place an order.


My (approximate) nut seed intake and relative quantities are described here, but roughly: hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are my top three nuts - based on their ratios of important fats relative to others nuts, and because they complement each other in this regard. I eat the three of them in about equal quantities. All the other nuts I eat (chestnuts, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, pecans) in smaller quantities for taste and nutritional diversity. I also throw a brazil nut into the mix on occasion to live dangerously, despite wise counsel against it ☺.


As for seeds, I consume somewhat more flax than each of the others, which include chia, sunflower, pumpkin (pepitas), hemp, and sesame seeds (off the top of my head). 


For anyone interested in my and other's motivations for eating various nuts, there's a thread for that with a lot of good information: Nuts: which are best?



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Do you gnarl them kernels up in your coffee grinder? Nut chomping is hard on my teeth, so I've started grinding them and wonder if this grinding might be better for digestion, too?


I eat some of each type of nut whole, simply because I like the crunch. But for most of my nuts I pulverize them in my food processor to improve digestion. Note - for no good reason, I don't bother to soak them (except the dried chestnuts), as others (like Zeta) advocate to improve digestibility. As for seeds, I grind all of those in a coffee grinder.



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Are there low-microplastics nuts? (given that microplastics seem to contaminate everything now). Nuts grow on trees, which could presumably pull up more microplastics through their roots than leafy vegetables.

Brazil nuts, after all, can pull up SO much selenium.

*what is it* that makes some plants suck in so much more pollution than other plants?


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