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what is the easiest method of adding pics to a post?

Greg Scott

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I think this site has a security policy against using the "Gallery" to host images so they can be linked to in posts. At any rate, it appears the Gallery function is not implemented.


It is of course possible to upload images to another website and insert links into the post.


Any tips from members who've explored options for including pics in their posts?

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There are three options for embedding an image in a post. Note - the exact options you have and how they work probably depends on your browser to some degree. In particularly, I know of no way to embed photos from Chrome for Android, for example.


But assuming you're using a desktop browser, here goes.


First, if it is just a URL somewhere on the web it is easy. Simple click on the little icon I've circled in the screen capture below and paste the URL.




Now if its a custom image of your own you want to post, you have two options. The first, is (ironically) the one I just used to post the screenshot. I also think it is the easiest. That is, use the website imgur.com. Here are the steps I used:


  1. I used the built-in Windows utility snippingtool.exe. To find it simply type "Snipping tool" into the Windows search bar. You can use another screen capture tool if you're on a Mac or Linux.
  2. Whether the image you want to upload is a screen capture or a regular photo (GIF, JPG, or PNG), you can either save it to disk somewhere from the snipping tool or other application, or better yet, copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Once you've done #2, open a browser tab and bring up imgur.com
  4. At the top of the imgur.com page, click on the "Upload Image" button, as highlighted here:

  5. Then, you'll see a screen like this:

  6. If you are using the clipboard method I recommend, simply press cntrl-v to paste the image. Otherwise, if the image is stored on your hard disk, click the "browse your computer" button to select the image file you want to upload.
  7. Then you'll need to start the upload by pressing the button highlighted below:

  8. After your image is done uploading, you'll see a screen like this. Click on the box I've highlighted, and copy the "Direct Link" URL from that box to your clipboard.

  9. Now use Method #1 described above to insert the image via this URL into you post. 

This method may look complicated, but it is really not. I find it particularly useful for screenshots, where there isn't an image already on my hard disk that I want to upload. But as described in step #6, you can use imgur.com for images from your hard disk as well.


Alternatively, if you've already got an image file on your hard drive, you can use method #3, which follows:

  1. In the post window within which you are composing your forum post, click on the "More Reply Options" button, highlighted below.

  2. You'll now see a new composition window, with the additional option of "Attach Files" as shown below. Click on the "Choose Files..." button highlighted below to upload your image.

  3. Then simply navigate and select the image file you want to upload.
  4. Once the image upload is complete, position the cursor at the location you want the image to go, and click on the "add to post" button on the right side of the thumbnail, as highlighted below.
  5. The image will be inserted, like this one of the smooth & delicious, cold-brewed, thrice paper-filtered, coffee, green tea, black tea, cacao mixture I'm drinking this afternoon:

  6. Note - this method has the disadvantage of not showing you the image as a preview in your composition window. Instead you'll see a text string inserted into your post like the one highlighted below. Don't worry, the image will show up when you post (or when you view the post in preview mode via the "Preview Post" button).

  7. The other drawback of this method is you'll be limited in the total number of megabytes of images you can upload. I think the standard user limit is something like 20MB, although if you email Tim I'm sure he'll be happy to increase it for you.

Sorry if this was too overwhelming. Its really pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I struggled with how to post images for many days until I figured all this out, so I figured I'd save you and future posters the trouble!




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Sorry if this was too overwhelming. Its really pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I struggled with how to post images for many days until I figured all this out, so I figured I'd save you and future posters the trouble!





Your post should be a permanent resource for this and any other website: Dean's HOWTO on getting images into posts.


My daily PC runs Linux, but nearly all of your post is platform agnostic.


Your post is not overwhelming, but is professional grade and must have taken about 10 times as much effort as I expected anyone to expend.


Thank you for adding so much value to the CRS website!

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