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What Kills People & the Global Risk Factors Leading to Death

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Since this is a forum about general health and longevity, I thought these two infographics were quite relevant, interesting, and informative.


The first shows the leading causes of death in the UK, with each circle proportional to the number of people who die from each cause. The US data is similar:




The next I found even more interesting. It represents the risk factors leading death, again in order of frequency. What surprised me most was how low down the list I had to look to find any that CR folks engage in or experience:




We've all must die of something (at least for now), but from this list it is hard to say what is going to kill off a CR practitioner!



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"  .......  it is hard to say what is going to kill off a CR practitioner!"


As the Dalai Lama once said in response to the question:  "What is the purpose of life?" 


"That one is easy", he replied.


But in our case, almost all of us are going to die from living too long.


Of course the cure for that is living less long!



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Here is another really cool infographic on what kills people of differing age, from the data visualization website flowingdata.com.. Here is the graph for causes of death for males as a function of age:




Notice these cause are all expressed a percentage of the people dying at that age, not the absolute number of deaths. So the fact that at 20 years old approximately 80% of deaths are caused by "external causes" (accidents, violence, suicide, etc.) obviously doesn't compare in total number of deaths say from circulatory diseases around 70 years old, which nonetheless looks smaller in percentage terms.


I didn't realize that cancer rivals circulatory diseases from the late 50s to the early 70s as a cause of death, at around 30%, at which time CVD overtakes cancer as the leading killer of men in the US.


The graphic is interactive when you visit the website, so you can click on a cause of death to isolate it to see its percentage of total deaths as a function of age.



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