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CR Society Citizen Science Polls & Surveys

Dean Pomerleau

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There is a growing number of "Citizen Science" Surveys of CR members we've conducted, scattered around the forums. I'm creating this thread to serve as a centralized resource for links to the surveys themselves, and to discussions of their results. If you haven't taken the surveys already, you are welcome to follow the links and fill them out.


Note: This is not intended to be a thread for discussing the surveys or their results. There are links to such discussions along with each survey described below.



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CR Costa Rica Mini-Retreat Survey


This is a survey to gauge interest in a Retreat for CR folks in Costa Rica in 2017.

Here is a link to the thread about the Retreat, and the specific post with details about the survey.

Here is a direct link to the survey itself.

Here is a link to the discussion of the results of the survey.


The retreat is a go, and already full! Thanks to everyone who responded.



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