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Forum to Report Spectacular CR Results


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Hi Folks:


I have mentioned this before, and I don't want to beat the subject to death, but I believe it would be very helpful to members here, and especially useful to visitors to the site, to have a forum intended solely for the reporting of spectacularly good medical test results that members have achieved through CR.


From my point of view it would be helpful to see what others have been able to achieve.  And I would be interested in discussing with them in the forum which aspects of their CR practice they think might be responsible.  But I believe it would be even more useful for visitors hoping to figure out whether or not the benefits of pursuing CR may be worth the effort involved.  We, of course, all know it is enormously worth it.  But it would be far better, imo, if visitors could go to just a single forum and observe what has been achieved by CRSociety members, rather than having to ferret around through hundreds of threads hoping to find what they are looking for. 


And I mean this NOT for casual reporting of every-day good numbers, such as low LDL, high HDL, or blood pressure - although someone might consider reviewing the numbers for these variables typical for those on CR - but rather for numbers like Saul's astonishing ratio of total cholesterol to HDL.  Or Al Pater's stunningly good PSA value, for anyone anywhere near his age.   


Perhaps this topic has already been considered, and determined to be a thoroughly dumb idea.  If so, no problem.  I don't expect to raise the topic again.  I just want to be confident that the idea of such a forum has been considered by the-powers-that-be here.






"The unverified conventional wisdom is almost invariably mistaken."

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Seeing several people post their "astonishingly" or "stunningly" good numbers would be great, but given people's modesty, and the reluctance a lot of people have about sharing their medical records, I don't see it happening, and certainly not enough to warrant an entire forum devoted to it. Perhaps a thread in the CR Practice Forum devoted to it - but I doubt you'll even see any posts to it in that form.


I think even more interesting would be people with a variety of numbers (stellar or not) posting both their dietary and lifestyle habits along with their biomarkers, to get a better feel for both what works, and what doesn't work quite as well, so people can compare and contrast, and come to the best regime that meets their own goals and constraints.



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I think, IAC, that such results would rightly be regarded as anecdotal, and by their nature hopelessly confounded by genetics and other aspects of lifestyle. No one here leads a standard American lifestyle in every respect except simple energy intake, and each of us has distinct genetics. Data come from the pooled result of all of us in the Fontana studies, and to a limited extent from self-experimentation by individual CR folk — but such experiments tend to move an individual within a range that is already determined by genetics and other aspects of lifestyle. I doubt, eg., that Saul has ever had low HDL, and while it would be interesting to see how different changes in his diet and exercise would move his needle, I expect that his range is already higher than the average person's. CR accounts for part of his spectacular HDL, but YMwill definitelyV.

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