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Besan flour muffin

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I find this incredibly filling and delicious on occasion - thought I don't eat it often.


1/3 cup sprouted garbanzo bean flour (20g)

1/3 cup water added 1 tbs at a time (less if it's too runny and stays that way)

spices: I like italian blend and sometimes Nutritional Yeast and red pepper flakes)


add all ingredients to a mug and let sit 5-10 minutes to thicken

pour into mini-loaf pan and bake in toaster oven about 8 minutes at 375 until cooked through.


It should be golden and puff up.


Enjoy! (about 80 calories-- same nutriition as 20 g dry chickpeas)

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Thanks Casey for the recipe suggestions!


I see you use besan.  At the link below you will find my 'standard white sauce' recipe using besan and onion powder in place of white flour and butter.  It produces an excellent texture, imo.  Of course, flavorings should be added appropriate to the food it accompanies.








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I’ve made this twice now. A very versatile recipe .So amazing!!! Delicious  and most importantly healthy. I recommend everyone to try Besan flour muffin!

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Hah, I actually ordered some besan flour because of this and just tried making it :)

But since I was in a hurry (and lazy), I microwaved it in a small glass.

And it worked quite well, at least for me :) I added nutritional yeast, cayenne, 2g of unhulled sesame seeds, and 1.5g of dulse.

I'll try adding nigella, or cumin the next time. Or maybe some baobab powder.

Pretty good snack in under 5 minutes (add 3 minutes cooling time).


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