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collard wraps


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these are my favorite! (proobably because collards are my favorite vegetable)


take large collard leaves (or chard) and slice the stem out in a vshape about 2/3 way up the leaf.

fill the in-tact part of the leaf first with about 1tbs chosen sauce such as hummus, thick dressing, or small piece avo mashed a bit,

then layer veggies: my favorite are thin sliced carrot, celery, cucumber (without seeds because its too watery), red bell pepper and onion

top with as many sprouts or a leaf lettuce

optionally add cilantro, salsa, basil, parsley, or mint depending on your sauce pairing

than cross the bottom "flaps" of the leaf and roll the whole thing up. Slice in half so it's pretty.


For me these stay good 2-3 days in the fridge.


(you can also use nori but I have to eat those immediately or they get soggy and fall apart...

have a fork on hand for fallen veggies!)

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