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re: Indispensable Amino Acid (IAA) requirements


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Not sure where you were looking (it'd've been helpful to quote the problematic passage(s)), but evidently the reference numbers for many entries in that post are mismatched to the content; here is the table for the Amino Acid RDA for Adults from the IOM Report.


Thanks.  There was no problem w/ the passage, other than I wanted to compare this reference vs. other references w/ different EAA/IAA recommendations.


On my side, the referenced thread shows a reference [ix] (as noted in the .jpg attached to the first posting here).  The [ix] points to


[ix] Herrmann W, Schorr H, Obeid R, Geisel J. Vitamin B-12 status, particularly holotranscobalamin II and methylmalonic acid concentrations, and hyperhomocysteinemia in vegetarians. Am J Clin Nutr. 2003 Jul;78(1):131-6.

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