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Recipes and added fats


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I'm curious if there's an ideal approach for semi-optimally adding fat to foods / recipes.  In the newest Dietary Guidelines, "oils" have been listed as healthy additions:



When preparing beans, rice, and starches, I tend to add fats.  I usually go with a high polyphenol extra virgin oil, which is relatively low in saturated fat and quite delicious.  I usually cook white rice pasta style (well rinsed, cooked with excess water al dente, then drained and left to dry in the pot, and finally tossed with 2Tbs of oil : 1lb of dry rice.)  With beans, I often add upwards of 4Tbs to 0.5lb of dry beans after they've cooked (eg. hummus / mashed black beans or adzuki), and with plantains I might add ~2tbs of oil per large plantain after they've boiled as part of a cajun sauce.  


My thought process here is that this allows the oil to soak into the food, often improving the texture / MUFA content, while lowering the glycemic index and increasing the resistant starch content.


However, I'm wondering if I'm setting these oils up for oxidation if I freeze some beans for a week or two with moist food, then reheat in the oven or microwave.  Would I be better off adding the raw oil at the table just before consuming these foods?  Or, might I be better off leaving them as high carb / low fat foods, and increasing the fat content by eating them with foods like avocado / nuts / olives?


I suspect this level of over-optimization is not necessary or beneficial, but I am curious.

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