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Follow this forum / Follow this topic
The "Follow this forum" (e.g., visible from the "CR Science & Theory" forum page) button or "Follow this topic" button (visible within any topic), will allow you to get email alerts for new posts. Alternatively, you can have alerts sent to you via a forum PM (Private Message) instead of email alerts.




WYSIWYG / Insert Hyperlinks

The WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") editor can be toggled on or off with the switch below.  Links are added using the chain-like icon.






To Send Private Messages (PM)

Hover your cursor over their name - e.g., "admin" or "Michael R" - a box should popup with a "Send Message" button.




Posting or quoting PDFs
With PDFs, it is best to attach these to the post (e.g., "Attach Files") as this will ensure the PDFs with its intended formating. Alternatively, a link to the PDF can be posted (use the "Link" icon - circled above - or simply past the URL/http address). It is important to have permission to repost if the PDF is copyrighted. Check with the author/source if unsure. If you are linking to where the PDF is found online or quoting, this should not be necessary.

Attach images or Files
Use the "Attach File" for adding images as well or, preferably, use the "Image" icon in the WYSIWYG editor and link to an external image hosting service.


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Hey Tim,


I see no such icon ...


I updated the top post.  Does that help?



*UPDATE* - I think now your reference was to the other icon (which has changed since the last software update - I hate change)...


To PM (private message) somebody, hover your cursor over their name - e.g., "admin" or "Michael R" - a box should popup with a "Send Message" button.



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