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Dean Pomerleau

Dean's Diet & Exercise Regime, Tips, and Motivation

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Nice to hear from you, Dean. I don't want to impose on your posting semi-retreat, so feel free to answer or not, but I'm curious as to whether you've moderated your exercise just based on the knee feedback or whether it's the result of much bigger re-evaluation of the pro/cons of exercise. FWIW, I'm curious, because I've done a lot of thinking/stewing about exercise and decided that I should cut back from my current 4 a week, 50 minute each, jogging sessions. I've been mulling it over, but have not pulled the trigger yet.   


All the best!



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Hi VeganCarbSmart,




Yes I'm still around. I have cut back on my exercise, especially the biking, since (as you suggest) I was starting to feel it in the knees. These days I'm jogging a little over one (hilly) mile, resistance training for about 30 minutes, casual (stationary) biking for 30-60min, and walking ~3 miles each day.



Little has changed in my diet except I'm eating less (with less exercise) and I dropped the durian (too expensive to justify). I'm still eating only a single meal each day in the early morning consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and a small portion of my 'starch mix' - legumes, sweet potatoes, barley & rice. I've moderated my weight somewhat - I'm now 135lbs (BMI = 20.0).


Hey Dean, I've just got to say that if Dr. Walford is "out there" and could know this, then he's smiling and extremely pleased with where you're at right now. You can attract far more people to this lifestyle with what you're doing now combined with your past experience at being at the extreme with more health vulnerabilities put at risk. I'm sure you know to keep your cycling rpm above 90 and/or at very low resistance in order to preserve your joints long-term.


1) Now that you've had your exercise bike for over a year now would you still recommend this same model or try something else?


2) I guess you're trying to increase your BAT using cold exposure techniques too? I have not read that thread yet, but if anything has changed w/your experiments doing that please update us on that too. And, are there any methods or tests or markers to verify if it's working?


3) Have you posted your favorite Vegan related websites and YT channels that you follow somewhere "here" at CRS? I think it would be helpful to know, since you're so experienced with this diet long-term and continue to stay informed about it. Your opinions and commentary about any of these favs might be helpful too.

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