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Friday June 17th East Coast Aging Conference

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The conference was interesting, and the highlight for me was getting to meet IquinilineKea (thank you for "hosting" me / introducing me to some of the local Harvard folks, I appreciated the hospitality).   Sadly the turnout was not as good as I hoped and I'm not sure but we may have been the only forum members there ( did I get that right IquinilineKea)?  I regrettably do not have any notes or the wherewithall at this point to distill -- in the future I'll have to do a better job and moreover will need to find other ways to contribute to this forum more closely aligned with my skill set ( see my other post on bogleheads.org - highly recommended ... I was once a novice there, as I am presently a novice here).  A personal barrier to getting the most out of the conference was the basic science emphasis (which should be no surprise given the speakers and nature of the research) as I'm much more of an epidemiologist myself and gravitate towards clinical outcomes based data but it highlighted for me that I need to review.  One of my undergraduate degrees was in the biological sciences so there really is no excuse there - I simply need to get back up to speed again and the conference and some of the detailed posts here are a call to action. 


Tip of the hat to IquinilinieKea who had intelligent questions posed to the speakers for all the ones I attended ( obligations pulled me for most of the afternoon) and clearly has his finger solidly on the pulse of the CR literature. 

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Saul and I have been having a Grand time in Kripalu this weekend - Tai Chi, mindfulness, and nature hikes. Thought I would share a couple photos. It really has been a delight hanging with Saul in the ambience of this tranquil "spiritual" center. For the "ON" portion of of CRON, I attach first we see 3 make-your own bowls from Life Alive (Boston) with menu referenced above ( these show only one bowl per photo- two demis followed by another meal that shows one full bowl!). In the last photo, from Kripalu ( Stockbridge MA), where they have the best all you can eat vegan / vegetarian cafeteria I know of. See the first page of this thread for links to Life Alive's menu ( the make your own bows can get quite expensive as you are charged as a side for each food included in the make your own bowl so it is more economical to start with one of their entrees and if needed request extra sides or substitutes), and also to Kripalu's webpage with some of the entrees served there... These do not include the Buddha Bar with reilable fresh unprocessed Vegetarian staples every meal!


If this piques your interest come join Saul and I another weekend in Kripalu. If cost is an issue, it is most economical to make your own accomodations for lodging or sign up for a roommate in a dorm, but either way the food is ambrosia and the programs and surroundings inspiring.


Enjoy this "food eye candy" ( in the good nutritious & deicious sense of "candy" ).





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Since last update Saul and I have enjoyed taking a second hike, and had the Kripalu "noon yoga dance" to work off our wonderful lunches. A photo from our hike, followed by Saul's lunch, followed by my lunch then Saul's lunch featuring shitake mushrooms, beets, and Punjabi red lentil dahl. 


The last photo shows dinner ( 2-3x more calories than lunch but modest by my usual standards which usually feature a lot more nuts/seeds/avocados... can you name all the veggies, grains, nuts/seeds, in the photo? Alas many, esp. copious & diverse legumes & farro are hidden deeper in the densely packed main bowls).

With all this yummy all-you-can WFPB menu, I think you can see now why Sal and I have been endorsing a future CRsociety Kripalu Center retreat..

Enjoy the culinary eye-candy!


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