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Radiolab labs on mortality


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Good stuff, listened here yet? http://www.radiolab.org/story/91562-mortality/

I'd review it and tease it out like Dean does so much service here for us, but I'm not as eloquent as Dean, don't have his style and time, and I'd rather hear your thoughts and comments than my own silliness.

"This hour of Radiolab: is death a disease that can be cured?

"We filter the modern search for the fountain of youth through personal stories of witnessing death -- the death of a cell, the death of a loved one...and the aging of a society."

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OK - I'll take the bait. Here is a synopsis of the episode:



  0:00 - 25:00  Leonard Hayflick - Cellular division limit. The double edged sword of telomerase - i.e. cellular immortality vs. increased cancer risk.

25:00 - 35:00  Cynthia Kenyon -   DAF-2 gene knockout increases expression of master gene DAF-16, which increases lifespan in C. Elegans worms.

35:00 - 47:00  Problem of caring for aging population in Japan as there are fewer younger folks, and limited immigration. Solution - Robots!

49:00 - 59:00  Weird segment about son and grandson photographing a dying old grandfather. Talking about his festering bedsores. Freaky. Disturbing.


Not great. I don't really recommend listening to this show.



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