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On the CR email list there were some boss posts and ideas about where to buy great coffee beans (organic, green, unroasted) and the best (cheapest) ways to roast it (popcorn thingy).


Since those emails are presumably ghosts now, can anyone offer world's healthiest coffee suggestions? In the same way we consume only the (hopefully) very best sources of olive oil, I'd like to also drink only the freshest, best, highest polyphenol coffee. And chocolate, too, but I realize that's a harder idea. (I should start my own cacao plantation someday, maybe I will...)


Meanwhile, suggestions for a new, upgraded coffee thread are very welcome here because I just keep buying iced coffee from local coffee shops (sometimes even Starbucks) and it's just too expensive and it's probably dead, old, low quality marketing shiz, and so not so healthy.


Now randomly watch Ok Go!

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Cool OK Go video. How in heck did the make it!?


On the topic at hand, optimizing coffee. I don't recommend putting butter in it, or worrying about huckster and self-proclaimed Bulletproof-Exec Dave Asprey's boogeyman, mycotoxins in coffee beans. Coffee seems to be undeniably good for you, as long as you filter it, preferably with a paper filter, and don't drink it too hot. If you want the best tasting coffee that's easy to make, I recommend hot brewing it with an Aeropress.


But what I actually do these days is cold brew my coffee (30g of beans I grind myself - I lately have been enjoying the robust flavor of Peet's Major Dickanson's Blend) in 40oz of homemade distilled water on the countertop overnight, mixed together with a combination of green, black and herb teas (12g), along with a variety of ground cacao beans (30g) from Nuts.com and ChocolateAlchemy.com - yes I brew my chocolate rather than eat it.  In the morning, I then hot brew the water/coffee/tea/cacao concoction for 5 minutes until it is 165 °F and then let it sit for an hour or so to maximize the extraction of healthy polyphenols & caffeine. 23andMe confirms my own personal observations that I'm a fast caffeine metabolizer, so I don't worry about the buzz.


Then I filter the heck out of the coffee/tea/cacao concoction first with a metal cone filter, then several times through a paper towel and then through three paper coffee filters until it's translucent, as shown here, in order to eliminate the unhealthy diterpenes in coffee that raise LDL cholesterol, along with hopefully also remove any lead in the tea or cadmium in the cacao beans


Other than that, I drink my coffee black, just like everyone else.



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