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Preston Estep's new book (The Mindspan Diet)


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So Preston Estep is releasing a new book soon... the question is how much should we believe it?


He relies primarily on observational studies on groups. But it's puzzling why refined grains would be healthier than whole grains... My impression is that the cultures that historically practice the healthiest diets don't really try to optimize for longevity anyways, so they aren't the best teachers for us who want to completely optimize our diets..

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- even animals fed high-glycemic index foods on low protein diets
lived almost as long as calorie-restricted animals (though super-low
protein diets may be harder than they look!)
- even citric acid/malic acid/etc contain calories (not as much per
gram as standard fats)
- amyloid precursor protein may be a way to export excess iron out of
neurons. so less iron => less need to produce APP
- study showing that ppl on mediterranean diet (low red meat) had
lower brain shrinkage by certain age. the theme "STAY AWAY
FROM RED MEAT" consistently repeats..
- it expresses concern about oxidation/fat rancidity in oatmeal and
other whole grains.. i wonder what he thinks of oat bran...
- apparently a lot of non-cold-pressed canola oil is hydrogenated? If
so, why doesn't it say on the label?
- PUFAs have multiple double bonds so they can (a) be used as sticky
paint, (b) be used to cross-link proteins. MUFAs have only one double
bond and can't crosslink proteins
- people who are lactose intolerant don't digest lactose into
galactose, which **really** ravages proteins in the bloodstream. which
means.. lactose intolerant people have FEWER of the negative effects
of dairy that lactose-tolerant people have.. also, "lactose free"
dairy is horrible for you b/c of the galactose content..
- also expresses skepticism towards calorie restriction actually doing
anything to lifespan humans (asides from slowing down chronic
degenerative diseases)

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