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Today on Reuters: Calorie restriction may have some benefit for non-obese


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Just thought this was a good place to share a news article I found, it was posted today.


(Reuters Health) – Even for people who are a healthy weight or only somewhat overweight, cutting calories for two years may lead to weight loss as well as improved mood and sexual drive, according to a new study.



Here is the actual study link:


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Good find! And thanks for taking the time to post the link to the full study.


But alas, you've got to get up mighty early to beat me to a post about an important new study like that one.  5:14am ET to be precise, although I started drafting the post much earlier than that .


Here is a tip. When you're logged in, go to this link to see all the new / recent posts to the CR forums, to check whether anyone else is talking about the article you are thinking about posting. It might even be worth bookmarking that link.



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