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...The most northern is Sardinia, Italy and even there one can get good sun exposure much of the year, suggesting high vitamin D levels could be an essential factor in longevity.


Yes, Sardinia, even though not a southerly region, tend to be sun-scorched

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Btw, do you  recall what Rhonda recommends in regards to K2 supplementation ?  



Sibiriak, I found the relevant transcript from the Tim Ferris podcast, although strictly it refers to Rhonda's personal regime. I don't know why she takes MK4, presently there are mixed Mk4 + MK7 supplements. If I remember well, MK4 has a short life in the system.



Another supplement that I take every other day is vitamin K2 which is found in fermented foods particularly natto but also in organ meat. This is thought to be a good one to take with vitamin D since both are involved in calcium homeostasis. I usually take 100 micrograms in the form of menaquinone otherwise known as MK4.


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