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What if I hate garlic & onions?

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Dr. Greger, god bless him, is convincing me of the cancer-fighting benefits of g&o. What would you do if you hated these important vegetables but would like to be in their club? Supplements prob don't work, right so-- ever retrained your taste buds to like stuff you just don't? Also the problem is in my stomach. With garlic and onions I eat them but they seem to sit there inside of me -- stinkily -- for a day or two of uncomfortableness. I even think I may be allergic to them.

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You come up with the best profile pictures. Regarding garlic and onions, I feel badly for you and others who either don't like them or who have gastrointestinal trouble with them. It seems like there must be something genetic about it. I personally love them both. In fact I was just thinking this morning how odd people would think my practice of nibbling my way through two cloves of fresh raw garlic over the course of my "breakfast".


Have you tried cooking them to make them more digestible and palatable? Although I don't do it myself, I know that even just microwaving them, rather than doing the whole frying or baking thing, help cut down on their caustic flavor and pungent odor. Plus they are easier to digest, although probably a bit less healthy as well.


I know some people who can't even tolerate cooked garlic, but it's worth a try.



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