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Wheatgrass: Selenium superstar, or poison?


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So I had not had wheatgrass until today.  On a whim, I decided to have 2 oz. of the thick green juice.  It tasted sweet, pungent, and bitter at the same time. It left an odd aftertaste in my esophagus for several hours.  


Shortly after consuming I added in 2 oz. into chronometer only to discover its bizarre nutritional properties.  Just this small does contains a whopping 2691% of selenium, as well as a big dose of b2 and some zinc (2.9mg) - all for 3.8 calories.  That % even puts brazil nuts to shame, but that dose seems quite excessive.


While I doubt I'll be consuming it anytime soon, it does make me wonder if there is a place for a small amount of this in the diet, or if it's poison. 





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