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Blood Testing: LEF Super Sale — Ends TODAY (2016-06-06)

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Life Extension has a very good sale on, which I just noticed this morning — and unfortunately, today is the LAST DAY of the sale. The prices on everything I wanted were significantly lower than WalkInLab , RequestATest, and a couple of other sites that came up via Google.
A requisition is good for 6 months, so if you are due for a test in that time period (or up to the end this year, if you don't have some strong reason to delay until the very end), it's worth making the purchase now.
If you're about to start CR, you really need to get some good baseline bloodwork,* and if you're on CR haven't had a good CR panel in significantly more than a year, you're really due. Jumping on this sale will save you a significant amount of money.


Although it isn't practical to do this today to pick and choose your self-financed tests, you can also save a signifcant amount of money by talking to your doctor first if you have health insurance: nearly anyone will be able to get the Tier 2 tests on our website plus either fasting glucose or HbA1c or both. These are fairly inexpensive tests, but they do add up.


* That list is suboptimal. If you're getting IGF-1, do also be sure to get IGFBP3; if you're already on CR and are male, testosterone is a good idea, but you really want testosterone by LC/MS-MS: Life Extension offers LabCorp's test #070038 for $48, but you can't order it online: have to call in and ask the blood lab for it.

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From now thru' Monday (the 28th), WalkIn Lab has a 20%off Black Friday sale on all lab tests, using the code SAVEMORE20%. (Don't be distracted by the November sale specific to diabetes, or other discounts: they can't be combined with the Black Friday sale, so plugging in those codes will lose you the across-the-board 20% off). Requisitions are good for several months, so pick them up now if you want to get labs anytime this winter (including eg. your 25(OH)-vitamin D3).

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