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Some of my newest bloodwork numbers

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Hi All!


At CR IX, several of the excellent talks discussed the advantages of a high ketotic diet.  In a chat that I had with Dr. Seyfried, he indicated that those of us on a CRON diet most likely were on a high ketotic diet -- so that our body cells were being nourished by burning circulating keytones, rather than glucose -- since our blood glucose levels were too low (which, in his talk, he indicated probably helps protect against cancers -- since typical cancer cells have disfunctional mitochondria, and are therefore unable to use keytones for fuel -- but require glucose).  So, I asked my Nephrologist (who writes the orders for my bloodwork) to add a test for serum keytones.  Here is the result:


Beta hydroxybutyrate 


0.32 mmol/L    

0.02 - 0.27 mmol/L

So, as this keytone is higher than reference -- as it should be, if one is on a ketotic diet.


A different matter:  My IGF1 measures slightly lower than it did the last time that I tested it (about 6 months ago), but IGFBP3 is also slightly down.  Here are the numbers:


Insulin-Like GF-1   

  118 ng/mL

         36 - 215 ng/mL


IGF Binding Protein 3

  2850.00 ng/mL    2698 - 5688 ng/mL


I'd appreciate some comments on the IGF1 / IGFBP3 numbers.  (I suspect that my IGF1 is still higher than it should be, and my IGFBP3 possibly lower than it should be.)


(Commentary by Al Pater and others would be much appreciated.)


  --  Saul

Edited by Dean Pomerleau
Corrected spelling of "hydroxybutyrate" for ease of future search

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An important consideration for the concentration of IGF-1 concentrations seems to be the amount of protein in the diet.  See:


Long-term effects of calorie or protein restriction on serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 concentration in humans.
Fontana L, Weiss EP, Villareal DT, Klein S, Holloszy JO.
Aging Cell. 2008 Oct;7(5):681-7.
PMID: 18843793 Free PMC Article
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High Saul,


Your low-ish IGF-1 level seems in line with many other CR practitioners, including those of us (including you, Al and me!) in Luigi's study. Your IGF Binding Protein 3 does seem a little on the low side for a CR person. Has it changed over time? 



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Hi Dean and Al!

My IGFBP3 was taken the morning after arriving from CR IX; My wife thinks that I was dehydrated. It was a fasting test. I had an unusual reading for creatine -- a little high. So my Nephrolo gist had me repeat some of the tests about a month later; that's when my IGF1 was tested (it had been left out from the earlier test). Create nine was then normal. So it's possible that my IGFBP3 was unusual on the earlier test as well. My IGFBP3 is usually higher.

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