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23andMe destroying sample following sequencing

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After a lot of thoughtful encouragement via kind CRON practioners and a little due diligence and background reading on my part, I am pursuing 23andme. I read through some helpful past posts and it sounds like some of you have had "updates"' from 23andMe recently based on new technology following your original sequencing. I specified in the application they should destroy the sample after sequencing. For those that got the update, did this require them keeping your original sample?


Athough privacy and control of my genetic material is important to me, I am second guessing my choice if I need them to keep the DNA for updates though I heard they just updated the technology and I don't know how often it gets updated.... For those that opted to have their DNA destroyed following the sequencing were you still able to get the "update"?


Thoughts, perspectives and experiences on both sides of the decision tree much appreciated.





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Is it just me, or have I found 23&Me completely useless? I've run my numbers through several of these silly dietary/supplement sites, and for some reason the results seem like astrology.


I'm a Pisces, though, which means I'm very sensitive, very artistic, I tend to live in my own little fantasy world, and I'm wiser than mere goofball Genetics.


Hey, what's your sign? My sign is non-APOE-4.

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That's funny Sthira, I was replying to one of your posts only to discover you had replied to one of mine shortly before!  


I have not gotten my results yet and just shipped them today's.  Here's what I found should it be helpful to follow CRON and IF practioners:

This is per correspodence with 23andme:


1) for updates based on chip upgrades, naturally they need for you to opt for them to retain your sample so they can run it through their new technology.

2) opting not to destroy the sample does not permit them to perform additional analyses without your consent

3) if you opt to retain (not destroy) the sample, it still will be automatically destroyed in 10 years unless you consent otherwise

4) In cases such as my own if you change you mind and opt for them not to destroy the salivary sample after completing the registration process but before they destroy the sample you can request that they "de-register" your sample.  You can then register again starting from scratch and specify for them not to destroy your salivary sample.


Based on the above I will likely retain x10 years rather than destroy since either way they have my info, and retaining my sample for 10 years does not grant them additional rights to my genetic material that I have otherwise granted them by participating in 23andme in the first place.


My motivation using 23andme is not so much the service which I agree from the website description is pretty useless as far as actionable data they provide albeit a fun novelty e.g.- % Neanderthal ... rather taking it as raw material I can then put through Promethease which I discovered via this forum.  That's my plan anyway.


So I'll find out my sign before too long... after they de-register me I  am told it will take 2-4 weeks for them to receive my sample ( this long because it is biologic) followed by another 6-8 weeks for the actual processing.


Astrologically I am a Leo.  My wife says I am strong yet sensitive.  In practice I am a type A type B wanna-be.  An Introvert, extrovert wanna-be.  A compulsively detail oriented analytical somewhat workaholic perfectionist...  Yet although my powerful dominant left-brain sees (imposes?) the universe through evidence-based, data-driven mechanistic lens, throughout my life and especially now in my early middle age I increasingly value, embrace, and gravitate towards holistic connections everywhere (is it any surprise then that I love Kripalu?)  I feel that qualitative right-brained and value and empathy-driven conceptions may be the greatest hope for humanity to overcome the less desirable evolutionary biology blueprint tendencies homo sapiens tend to possess in the way we relate to one another. 


I very much respect the dialogues in other threads here on compassion, morality and meaning in this fascinating experiment of universe, life, and consciousness.  Notwithstanding at times amusing yet arguably justifiable flirtations with orthorexia here (present company excluded of course!), this is a pretty amazing community here.

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