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Complete Human Proteome Project and the birth of Personalized Medicine


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Human SRMAtlas: A Resource of Targeted Assays to Quantify the Complete Human Proteome




  • Human SRMAtlas: 166,174 proteotypic peptides representing the human proteome
  • Resource of verified high-resolution spectra and multiplexed SRM assays
  • Supports proteome-scale quantification as well as hypothesis-driven research
  • Web database with free unlimited access



The ability to reliably and reproducibly measure any protein of the human proteome in any tissue or cell type would be transformative for understanding systems-level properties as well as specific pathways in physiology and disease. Here, we describe the generation and verification of a compendium of highly specific assays that enable quantification of 99.7% of the 20,277 annotated human proteins by the widely accessible, sensitive, and robust targeted mass spectrometric method selected reaction monitoring, SRM. This human SRMAtlas provides definitive coordinates that conclusively identify the respective peptide in biological samples. We report data on 166,174 proteotypic peptides providing multiple, independent assays to quantify any human protein and numerous spliced variants, non-synonymous mutations, and post-translational modifications. The data are freely accessible as a resource athttp://www.srmatlas.org/, and we demonstrate its utility by examining the network response to inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in liver cells and to docetaxel in prostate cancer lines.

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Quantitating the complete human proteome


"Personalized medicine will depend on molecular signatures to monitor health status and provide signals to identify changes in wellness trajectories and provide information to match the right patients to the right drugs, first in clinical trials, then in clinical practice. The Human SRMAtlas initiative pushes proteomics firmly into the forefront and provides further ammunition for proteomics to play a large role in increasingly worldwide efforts of the Cancer Moonshot."



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