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Hairless ape died at 22; plus: cancer in ancient hominids


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A hairless chimp (suffering from alopecia) was undergoing medical tests and did not come back from anaesthesia. Dead at 22:


Twycross Zoo's hairless chimp Mongo dies 'unexpectedly'


This caught my eye:


"Staff at the zoo will carry out a full post-mortem examination after early checks revealed he also had some signs of heart disease."


Heart disease? What do chimps in zoos eat? Diet, physical activity, other factors. What caused the heart disease?


Meanwhile, cancer is a very, very ancient disease - which shows it is not always caused by modern lifestyle or diet:


Ancient Bone Shows Evidence Of Cancer In Human Ancestor


"A bone from a human ancestor that died between 1.8 million and 1.6 million years ago shows evidence of cancer, a newly published study finds. It is the oldest known example of a malignant tumor in a human ancestor."


All the diet, exercise and lifestyle choices are only part of the equation. You can still die of CVD or cancer from uncontrollable factors that don't have necessarily anything to do with modern life.

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Hi Tom!


According to Dr. Speakman, who spoke at CR IX, a ketotic diet greatly reduces the likelihood -- and severity -- of most cancers.  In a personal chat that I had with Dr. Speakman, he indicated further that those of us who are practising severe CRON, are almost certainly on a ketotic diet.


I had my serum ketones checked after the Conference -- sure enough, it showed "ketosis" -- meaning that I'm on a highly ketotic diet.


BTW, several of the speakers at the conference discussed the advantages of a ketotic diet -- as have Paul and Meredith in their "CR Way" blog.


So, one way that you can reduce your risks of cancer is calorie restriction -- which certainly also provides some protection against cardiovascular disease.


(Of course, sooner or later you will die.  But I'd much rather make it later.)


  --  Saul




  --  Saul

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