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Post a picture of what you just ate

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Caitlin, ditto for myself, I'm very curious about the eating habits of other health-conscious people. I'll add more pics from my diet.


1 - fruit, nuts and vitamin K2-rich homemade cheese from kefir



2-Incredibly good-tasting oranges from the Etna region, Sicily. I can eat up to 2.2 pounds of these. I also eat the untreated skin (some of it)



3-Swiss chards steamed with little water. The stalks come in 3 colors: white, red, yellow.



4-Veggies, black beans and pumpernickel bread



5-Turmeric-laden steamed cauliflowers



6-garbanzo beans plus a local vegetable



7-black beans, usually a few tablespoonfuls mixed to vegetables 


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That cauliflower looks delicious. I keep trying to add more turmeric to my evening meal every day so that I get 1-2 tsp a day in my diet.

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Quinoa with avacado, peppers and other veggies. A little cilantro and a bit of fish sauce, give this dish an Asian flavor. Very light and fresh


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Vegan Lasagna. You would swear the tofu and white bean mix was ricotta. Very tasty. Topped with crushed red pepper and a little hot sauce on mine.


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