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Osteoporosis - it's all in the genes


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Osteoporosis is a big concern for people on CR. All sorts of measures are taken (including Whole Body Vibration), but the simplest and most powerful is beyond our control: our genetic makeup. People with the right alleles might consume extremely little in the way of calcium (and zero diary), but have virtually no osteoporosis, meanwhile those with the wrong alleles might take heroic measures and still be in danger. As so often, it's genes, genes, genes.


a popular science article here:
This is a perfect illustration of the dangers of drawing actionable conclusions about your diet or health habits based on population studies. What applies to a given population may not apply to you at all, and the exact opposite recommendation would be applicable to you. This btw. is also true of medical studies in general - insofar as a study does not account for individual genetic variability, as well as epigenetic history and health habits, it may be totally invalid for you. The way forward is through personal medicine. I realize that we here are constantly citing studies and basing some of our dietary and health practices upon them, but it is important to always be reminded and keep in mind that it may not apply to you, n=1. Listen to your body, be sensitive to your experience, and don't take any study as gospel.


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