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My new breakfast


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Dear ALL,


Those of you who have been around in the CR Society for a long time will probably remember that, for many years, my breakfast has consisted of 2-2.5 lbs of celery, plus a large pot of carefully brewed Chinese white tea.


The major problem with this breakfast was that strings from the celery kept getting stuck between my teeth, difficult to remove, even with interdental brushes.


For about the past half year, I've made a major change in my diet:  I still prepare and have the same large pot of Chinese white tea, but I've substituted 2-2.5 lbs of raw Nappa cabbage for my celery.  (Cronometer tells me that the Nappa cabbage fills my nutrient needs at least as well as the celery -- the one exception being salt content -- celery has more salt, and my diet is salt-poor.)


I find this this makes a much tastier breakfast -- and fits my daily routine better.


  --  Saul

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