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Development and Validation of an Empirical Dietary Inflammatory Index


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Saw this posted on Luigi Fontana's wall: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1609154052711279&id=100008500985675




The intake of fish (other than dark-meat fish), tomatoes, processed meats, high-energy beverages, other vegetables (i.e., vegetables other than leafy green vegetables and dark yellow vegetables), red meats, low-energy beverages, refined grains, and organ meats was
positively related to concentrations of inflammatory markers.

Whereas the intake of pizza, wine, leafy green vegetables, dark
yellow vegetables (comprising carrots, yellow squash, yams),
beer, coffee, fruit juice, snacks, and tea was inversely related to
concentrations of inflammatory markers.


Does this even make sense..?

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