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Digestive problems from eating too much raw cabbage/seaweed?


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Not to alarm you Alex, but did the package of chung jung one seaweed look like this?




It was recalled due to excessive iodine. In general, sea vegetables can have an obscene amount of iodine even on a good day, and so should be consumed in tiny amounts unless you're sure it is a low-iodine variety.


Symptoms of iodine poisoning include vomiting.


Or, maybe you just have a flu bug.


My motto - don't each too much of anything. Such a strategy helps reduce pesticide exposure, and the deleterious effects of excess micronutrients like iodine...



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Dean beat me to it. Even absent acute poisoning, long-term consumption of iodine-rich seaweeds such as kombu is very well-documented to savage the thyroid, leading to autoimmune thyroiditis. The levels in many spp are high and wildly variable; avoid them, except in teensy-tinesy quantities.

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yup... that package looked like *that*...


Maybe that was it... I also ate an obscene amount of chia seeds the past few days (as in, they were the primary source of my calories, though I think I was able to limit calories in spite of that).


at least i got a day of inadvertent intermittent fasting...

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