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Todd Allen

air travel with supplements & food

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I'm flying to San Diego in Nov. for the Kennedy's disease conference and I want to bring food and dietary supplements/vitamins.  I want to travel light with a small carry on bag and no checked luggage and I'm concerned about the potential for trouble with the TSA/security system and as I haven't flown in roughly 10 years I don't know how bad it might be.

I've read one should travel with supplement pills in their original bottles.  I take separate vitamins B12, B3, D, CoQ10, omega 3 and sometimes melatonin to sleep and benadryl for hayfever.  Bringing all the bottles is impractical.  I could do without them for 5 days, but I'd like to take them if I can.  I have a weekly pill minder box with a small compartment for each day of the week that one can preload with pills to help one overcome absent mindedness.  I'd like to bring it loaded with my pills for the days of the trip if it won't cause trouble?

For food, I'm thinking about home made "power bars" packed in quart ziploc bag(s).  I made a small sample that was palatable, dense and should travel well and should mostly sustain me, especially if I manage to find some decent fresh produce while I'm there.  Here's my rough recipe: in food processor combine fresh cranberries, mixed nuts, whey protein, coconut oil, ground flax, chia, cinnamon, salt, stevia to make a thick paste from which I make tablespoon sized balls that I roll in a dry mix (sunflower and black sesame seed for my first trial) and fill quart ziplocs with 1 layer of coated balls and freeze to improve travel hardiness.  I've heard some foods are limited to 3.2 oz and I'd like to bring several times that, say 1 to 2 lbs.  Is this a recipe for disaster and death by tasing?

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I always carry on my supplements in a weekly pill box like what you described and I also carry on food. Usually a large tub of salad greens and other veggies nuts etc plus fruit. I've never had a problem when flying in the US. Can't do this for international travel but seems to be fine domestically. Worst case, they will ask you to remove the things unapproved before you board. I don't think food stands out on their X-ray machines as a threat. XP



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