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best summary of blood test changes in CR


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Is there a handy link somewhere to the best summary of the important biomarkers (blood and urine test values especially, but also any other basics like blood pressure, body temp, resting pulse, etc.) that change in CR vs. the normal healthy population, and how much they can typically change?


I.e., which ones typically go out of the lab reference ranges (and in which direction obviously)?


There are many of these I know of course, but I'd like to check over a list that someone tried to make somewhat systematically, be it a forum thread or a link to a specific paper.


E.g.: How low can WBC go? How alkaline can urine pH get?




PS I'd also be curious about a similar list for healthy vegans (those that avoid most processed foods) but aren't actually in CR, in case anyone has that analog handy. I know about Michael Rae's nutrition for veg(etari)ans writeup and the book Becoming Vegan but those aren't quite the same.


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Here is the list published in "The CR Way" of stats from the Fontana (Washington University) CR Group which I believe included Dean, Michael, and others from the CR Society:



Another benchmark that I know of in addition to these is heart rate variability (HRV) which may be even more important than any of the above.  For this group, the highest HRV reading [ln(rMSSD)] was 3.87, with a mean of 3.58.



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Thanks Gordo!


Further reading has revealed the apparent original source....

For archival completeness in case others stumble upon this thread, these appear to come from this paper:



Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Apr 27;101(17):6659-63. Epub 2004 Apr 19.
Long-term calorie restriction is highly effective in reducing the risk for atherosclerosis in humans.
PMID: 15096581 PMCID: PMC404101 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0308291101    

Direct link to the relevant table:


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PS I've also found that the following threads discuss other markers that change in CR. Maybe at some point I or someone else will summarize the others here so this thread can serve as a list more comprehensive than the above paper but more concise than the combination of all the below threads:

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