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neutrophils vs lymphs and low WBC


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Low WBC is common with CR. White blood cells subdivide into types, including neutrophils and lymphocytes (the 2 highest % types). Michael Rae said once

"per Luigi Fontana, the most reliable marker of the CR state in humans is absolute lymphocyte count."

Meaning that low lymphs indicates CR state. Does anyone know what low neutrophils means and/or if there is a meaningful difference to immunity, long-term health, etc.?


Dean's publicly shared bloodwork shows a history of low total WBC (relative to reference range) in which neutrophils % are double or more lymphocyte % with absolute neutrophil count within normal range but lymphs sometimes below normal. My WBC is historically consistently low (eg 2.3 the past 2 years) but with below-ref-range neutrophils counts and within-normal-range lymph counts (roughly equal %s), a pretty big contrast vs. Dean. [Eg at the end of 2015 Dean had a 2.2 WBC, with 63% neutrophils and 29% lymphs. I just had a 2.3 WBC with 43% neutrophils and 43% lymphs.]


I'm not trying to be in CR, but am vegan, minimize refined foods, exercise regularly but moderately, and have BMI 21-21.5. Historically, I get sick a lot more than folks around here said they do in response to the flu/cold survey that was done here recently. And when I do get sick, I get secondary infections (eg in lungs, sinuses, ears) more frequently than most of my friends, sometimes pretty serious ones. So I'm contemplating ways to increase my neutrophils count. (Though I haven't even touched the cold thread yet as I kind of hate being cold.) Being much more consistent about cardio exercise has significantly dropped the frequency of infectious viruses over the past 2 years luckily.




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