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Of mice, menstruation and men


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It's been a while since I checked in, so some of this may be redundant. IAC ... recall these classic CR images...





On the issue of rodent- (and esp. mice-) based studies -- and their applicability to humans -- some newish wrench-in-the-machine information shakes the foundation of mice-based research.


Here's a link to the orig. Nature article from a few mos. ago: "First rodent found with a human-like menstrual cycle" (from only July 20-friggin'-16!!)
Hard to believe, all this time, research rodents -- on which
medical/drug trials are based -- have lacked this important human
That said, and IAC, many now feel rodents (esp. mice) are poor models to begin
with (Nov. 1, 2016; Discover magazine blog):
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