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PlantPure Nation prepared food

Thomas G

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In 2017 I want to systematically try to create a way of practicing CR that strikes a balance between health, ease of preparation, and affordability. To that end I'm looking for some shortcuts. For example, I could create my own "optimal" blend of grains but Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal is already a really great mix, is easy and quick to prepare, and is reasonably affordable. If I were to create my own from scratch it would probably be a little different, but would take longer to prep and might not be any more affordable. (If anyone has seen a better grain mix, please let me know.)


To that end I'm curious what people make of PlantPure Nation. It's an effort by Dr. Campbell's son complete with a documentary, some trail runs in North Carolina, and a policy attempt in Kentucky.


They seem reasonably affordable, pretty easy to prepare (although they say they are best prepared with a special cooker that you have to buy) and reasonably nutritious, at least compared to a SAD diet.




I wouldn't make this the primary thing I eat, but I wonder if it could make a good addition to the mix for days when I really don't want to spend any time on food prep. I'll probably buy 10 meals to try it out and give them some support since it seems like a worthy effort. But I'd be really interested to see what other people make of it.


It seems like there might be a market for this approach given the success that Blue Apron seems to be having. I don't quite get the appeal of Blue Apron myself, but PlantPure foods seem like a better deal, better food, and a better service than Blue Apron to me.

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Has anyone made any progress on these ideas?


I use an Instant Pot to do a lot of my cooking. You can get it 40% off on 3-4 Amazon sale days every year.


I wait for in-season sale days and will buy a lot of that veggie/fruit and freeze it for later use. There are good vaccuum sealers that can work with bags or containers. Food Saver does 50% off sales that rotate from bags, containers, to their best sealers. Best to buy the better ones at 1/2 off than cheaper models, imo. I can recommend two models I use w/5 year warranty or lifetime warranty. Both can be bought for under $150 and $120 on sale.


I make my own tomato based sauces and soups with all kinds of veggies and greens either slow/low simmering in a giant multi-quart pot or I use the Instant Pot. Then I freeze the sauces in Ball Mason Jars, vacuum seal with lid adapter, and I've eaten from these that are still delicious after 2 years frozen. Just thaw overnight in frig from freezer. This method avoids the dangers of canning and storing at room temperatures.

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