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High blood potassium - PCP wants to do a retest

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The results of my yearly physical came back, and as usual there are a few items out of reference range. However, this year I have a new PCP (following insurance change), and he's insisting on retests. One test he wants to do is for blood potassium, because he says it is too high. My result is 5.8 mmol/L and the reference range is 3.6 - 5.3 mmol/L. The thing is, I've always had highish blood potassium, and frequently over the reference range, but usually around 5.4-5.5, and this year it's 5.8. My old PCP seemed unconcerned with slight over the reference range potassium results.


I googled around, and most of the "high potassium" scenarios don't apply to my case (severe injury/burns, alcoholism, type 1 diabetes, potassium supplements, ACE inhibotors, ARB blockers), or don't feel like they apply because I don't experience any other symptoms (Addisons disease).


There's also "kidney failure", but I don't experience any kidney problems, and my other kidney-related results are absolutely within range (GFR filtration, BUN, creatinine etc.).


I do eat a lot of F&V and it is also possible that I'm somewhat low in my salt intake, as I don't add salt to my food, and I don't eat processed food, so my intake of salt is probably lowish.


Bottom line, travelling to UCLA (where I get tested) is a huge hassle and generally I'm not anxious to undergo lengthy health investigations if I can avoid them. I feel fine. 


Is there any reason why I should be concerned, and should I submit to my PCP requestes (I don't want to alienate him or make it seem like I'm blowing off his recommendations/directions)?

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