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Does this YesPlus Yoga/meditation course look credible?

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Inquiline, hard to say without practicing.


From a literature description of the method, Sudarshan kriya yoga seems to be a technique based at least in part on classic pranayama (bashtrika is an intense hyperventilation technique).


The proof is in the pudding. The purpose of such method is to calm a restless mind and to lower mental stress, downregulating some harmful signals like cortisol. You might as well try it for a while and then decide by yourself.


Many people just are not able to sit still and even try to calm one's mind. all manners of thoughts spring up, whereas the mind should be focused (during mediation) on a single thought. It may be an exercise in mental control.


I also might debate that such a method is not strictly meditation rather concentration (mental focus upon a single thought).


The classic interpretation of 'meditation' (from Raja Yoga) has a mystical connotation, which is: concentration on the Absolute Spirit (God or the transcendent entity which created the universe).

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Yes. Do it.


But let me tell you this: since you evidently live in Cambridge, one of the best Iyengar teachers in the world is Patricia Walden, who practiced alongside BKS Iyengar for more than forty years, all of her rigorously trained teachers are at the top of the class, her studio is here, I'm so jealous haha:




Give your body a chance learn the ropes, this is strong medicine, and with patience and time, the practice will change everything about you (sounds like hyperbole from outside a gift: but trust and try: namaste).

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