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Todd Allen

The Secret Life of Fat, by Sylvia Tara

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The story of our rapidly changing understanding of body fat from merely a tissue for storing energy to a vital organ.  It's an introduction to many recent scientific discoveries about fat presented as stories of discovery but doesn't delve deep into the science itself.  The CR people here who have been immersing themselves in science are unlikely to gain many new revelations from this book but may still find it entertaining and enjoyable as I did.




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Here's a couple interesting things new to me discussed in this book





There was also the case of a girl, Jocelyn Rhees, born small and was mysteriously failing to thrive, eventually found to have too much BAT.   She spent much of her short life with a glucose IV but they failed to supply her enough calories to gain much weight and she died at 3.5 years of age weighing 6 lbs.

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