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Cronometer settings and goals


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I am new to all this and forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere - but I cannot find it so far so I thought I'd ask.


I am enjoying tracking my nutrients on the cronometer but I am not sure how to set the nutrient goals and what my goals are nutrition wise.


They seem to be preset and that is fine, but then no matter how I eat I am always short on certain nutrients. The low ones are usually B1(65%), B3(51%), B5(84%), Choline(77%), D(14%), E(79%), Zinc (47%) Omega 3((60%), Omega 6 (24%) and most of the rest are waaaay over like Vitamin C at 257%! And that was on a day where I had a total of 1325 kcal and only one orange.


My assumption was to get all the tracked nutrients to 100% with as lw a total cal count as possible but  am sure there is a more nuanced way to approach this. My goals are longer life and a low body fat to lean muscle ratio. I work out 3 times a week and will eat whatever it takes to get me nutrients. I am not a vegetarian.


Can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction to find some answers?

Thanks in advance


p.s. I am also kinda constipated  - I have 2 -3 bowel movements a day (taking Konsyl fiber powder daily) but the stool is more compact and I feel like I am unable to go at times. Very uncommon for me,


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My take:

with 1325 kcal is not easy to reach all the micronutrients goals, unless possibly you eat really lots and lots of diversified nutrient-dense vegetables, like kale, broccoli, spinach, and so on. Or animal organs. Or fish.

Sometimes, even with 2400 kcal, I won't meet 100% requirements.


The suggested strategy is to serch the oracle function (in the premium edition, subject to a fee) or to serch a free database for foods higher in the single nutrients you need to increase. You'll choose those with less calories in a CR context. 


For example, n-3 s targets are easily reached by grinding one tablespoon of flax seeds. n-6 by eating seeds (which contribute to minerals as well).


At the end, you may find you still need to use some targeted supplementation.


Re.: constipation: eating lots of vegetables, eating whole grain foods, eating nuts with their skin, fruit with their skin and so on will usually help with some patience.

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Thanks McCoy -that  makes sense -

You said "eat really lots and lots of diversified nutrient-dense vegetables, like kale, broccoli, spinach, and so on. Or animal organs. Or fish." and I do. Plus bone soups, probiotics, etc.


I guess what I was looking for was the okay that not reaching %100 was well...okay.  My app says i get about 83% there on most days - except when IF, then it is lower.


And thanks for the other tips - I will check out the targeted supplements too.

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Also - should I be concerned about the overages - like Vit A at 1342%, Vit K at 1165%, Folate at 140% among others. Any dangers there?


I have those same overages, vitamin C this period of year eating up to 2 pounds of oranges, K when eating lots of gree leaves vegetables, A when eating lots of carrots and some veggies and so on.


The opinion is that there is usually no danger from the excess of micronutrients from natural foods. Barring some exceptions in minerals, like heme iron, for example.

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Middle weight metals such as iron, copper, manganese can be dangerous in excess by causing oxidative stress, then may even lead to cancer ultimately. Plant sources are much better due to fiber and phytate unless you develop deficiencies. Organ meat should be avoided or eaten in very small quantities by this logic.


Btw, vitamin A you look at is total carotenoids which are pro-vitamin A, hence your body need to convert it to retinol. You need around 20000 IU pro-vitamin A (and probably much lower if you eat them with oil) to satisfy 900 RAE (Retinol Activity Equivalent - go to profile then vitamin section and check the corresponding box to see the calculation on your "nutrient targets" list). 

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