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Is it possible to meditate oneself into having lower hunger levels/being able to starve oneself better?


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That's an interesting question, I'm a long-date practitioner of meditation but I can ensure you that hunger can be overwhelming and supersede any attempts at focusing one's thoughts.


What you might try is to use the power of concentration to visualize a full stomach hence downregulating the expression of the ghrelin-producing genes. Or, viceversa, upregulating the production of leptin. Or similar visualization techniques. The higher the concentration level you can reach, the more effective the practice is going to be.


According to Rhonda Patrick, just meditating on a gene can cause its expression. Now, if you are able to single out a gene responsible for the hunger-ghrelin signal, then you can concentrate on its activation. You should study the mechanistic part in detail though.


I thought about trying to upregulate mTOR in muscles by meditating on it. Only, it's easier and more pleasant to exercise.

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